Panic Attack – Can You Treat It With Acupuncture & Herb Treatment?

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Panic Attack


Panic Attack – Can You Treat It With Acupuncture & Herb Treatment?

A woman in her mid-30s visited our acupuncture clinic. She had surgery a month ago to remove her cholecystitis, but ever since the surgery, she faced panic attack. Her heart pounded extremely fast, her face was heating up as she was sweating, and she faced a fear that she was going to die.

At first, she thought there was a problem with the heart, so she visited her family doctor for numerous heart examinations but was told there was no problem with the heart. She wasn’t facing any specific stress, nor did she have problems with work and at home, so she didn’t think there were any issues with the mind as well. She didn’t know what to do and kept searching for solutions and came across my website, visiting the clinic. She must have looked at my blog article regarding panic attack for acupuncture & herb treatment.

We asked her to explain her symptoms in detail but she had an awkward facial expression. She said even if she explained her symptoms, we wouldn’t be able to understand it. We said it was fine and asked to explain in more detail, which she said felt like something from her lower stomach was rising and hitting her heart. The patient also mentioned that it felt like excessive adrenaline was coming out. The patient herself didn’t understand the symptoms as it is a very rare symptom to many individuals; but in acupuncture & herb treatment, this is called ‘Bun-Don’. To explain in more detail, ‘The feeling of a jumping pig’ symptom. There is even a name for this symptom, so there’s obviously a way to cure this. With Eastern medicine that includes Poria cocos wolf and Cinnamomum cassia Blume, you can take the medicine for a month and a half and ultimately, successfully treat the case.


This is a clinical example where the patient was satisfied but our question starts here. So


‘How can Acupuncture & Herb Treatment cure mental illness?’


First, we must look at how Western Medical Science approaches and treats mental illness. In Western Medical Science, mental is solely the issue of the brain. A human’s emotions, thoughts, and consciousness can be explained as the result of a brain’s neurons delivering 40-50 kinds of nerve cells to exchange signs.


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Dopamine which makes us feel happy, Noradrenaline that reacts to stress, Serotonin that makes us feel calm with the combination of the two matters are all major neurotransmitters. Therefore, mental illness is the result of an abnormal act of neurotransmitters and to cure this, the goal is for the neurotransmitters to act normally again. It looks very simple and clear.

However, the problem is that the brain is not very simple. To understand the complicated network of 100 billion nerve matters and nerve fiber, modern medical science lacks knowledge. We didn’t completely understand but we had to cure it, therefore make a medication. It may work properly at times but there are still many side effects. The majority of the patients who suffer from mental illness’ main goal is to stop taking the medication.

However, Acupuncture & Herb treatment’s approach method is different. One of the main prescribed medicines that we use is Cinnamomum cassia Blume, which has no evidence of pharmaceutical characteristics. The method of directly approaching the brain is hard to find in Acupuncture & Herb treatment. Instead, Acupuncture & Herb treatment looks at the surrounding environment of the brain and starts the treatment. The questionnaire that we ask all our patients to fill out requires to check sweating fever, sweat, thirst, digestion, feces, urine, chest symptoms, sleep, physical strength, personality, menstruation, and more.


Our body usually has subsidiary side symptoms, other than the main symptom that the patient appeals. Especially, for mental illness, you can identify the mental illness features from different physical symptoms. Also, from treating the physical symptoms, you can treat mental illness as well. As a drastic example, patients who suffer from panic attacks face a lot of thirst and urine problems, but if you treat thirst and urine problems, you can also cure panic attacks as well.

As a result, Acupuncture & Herb treatment defines a problem in the brain but doesn’t directly treat the brain. Instead, it chooses the method to treat by adjusting the human body itself to change the brain’s action. This is a possible treatment method because it allows seeing the whole perspective. The treatment ratio is good, along with side effects and toxicity that are considerably lower. A different approach method brings a different solution, which is why Acupuncture & Herb treatment will receive attention in the 21st century.


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