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ADD also known as ADHD – Attention Deficit Disorder is a familiar term as well as a diagnosis that is becoming more and more common. ADHD has several symptoms classifying it. There are three categories of ADHD they include: inattention, in ability to control impulse reactions either physically or verbally and hyperactivity. Individuals with ADHD may possess one or all of these qualities.

ADHD is characteristically diagnosed prior to the age of 7. Most children grow out their symptoms but there are some adults that continue to experience these symptoms throughout their lives. These symptoms can make it difficult to follow instructions, learn in a structured setting, stay focused on a task or impulsive behaviour may pose difficulty in social settings or seen as misbehaviour. For parents, a child’s diagnosis of ADD/ADHD can be difficult and confusing.

No one wants to medicate their 5 year old much less try and sort out their reaction to new medications or manage side effects. The path to a diagnosis is often difficult and resolving symptoms are just as difficult. Often not known to parents are the natural solutions to curbing ADD/ADHD symptoms and helping the developing child develop in a healthy happy manner.

Eastern Medicine offers a combination of Auricular Acupuncture (ear acupuncture) and herbal medicine to reduce hyperactivity as well as improve concentration and focus. In Eastern medicine symptoms of ADD/ADHD is a result of disruption of the mind/shen/spirit. Agitation could be a result of insufficient nutrients or blood supporting the mind or heat/phlegm obstructing the mind. As unusual as this sounds, the cause according to Eastern Medicine could be a combination of genetics and the child’s individual metabolism. Therefore the best form of treatment is a combination of individualized diet recommendations along with herbal medicine and Acupuncture. Together they can help ensure the mind it nurtured and energetic flow within the body is restored. This treatment is gentle, catered to the child and their specific symptoms.

In assessing your child it is important that symptoms span across several settings, such as home and school/daycare. A proper diagnosis should be made by a medical professional and as parents you should never be afraid to ask questions or seek several opinions. And remember alternative medicine can work really well hand in hand with the advice of your medical doctor.


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