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TMJ Balancing Therapy

TMJ Balancing Therapy (TBT) was founded by Dr. Young Jun Lee. He developed this classic method of treatment into the views of structural medicine in modern Korean Medicine. He standardized his checkups, diagnosis and evaluation methods to the point that he was able to diagnose and prevent not only common ailments but also chronic and incurable diseases. According to TBT, the three most significant structures of our body are the skull, spine, and pelvis, since a disease is caused by an imbalance of those three factors. The major cause of the imbalance in those three places is the imbalance in TMJ (mandible). Therefore, to treat a disease, the process of rebalancing the three factors is the key to TBT. The imbalance of TMJ is the key factor in the imbalance of the cranium, spine and nerve system. The imbalances, However, Hte pelvis and cranium are not entirely treated for fixing the imbalance if TMJ. For each session of treatment from a deviation. It's a process of removing the factor of the imbalance and normalization of imbalanced spinal structure and functions of the nervous system. Wen all the factors are removed, the patient will not experience a deviation and will become perfectly normal. So, in others words, TBT is a comprehensive treatment that helps the patient eliminate all the negative factors and find the most ideal condition.

What is TMJ Balancing Therapy
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