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Skin Conditions

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What are Hives?

Hives Image

Hives (or urticaria) are a type of skin reaction. Hives are raised bumps or welts that are often red and itchy. The welts can vary in size, from relatively small to as large as a dinner plate. The welts may be circular, oval or annular (ring-shaped). Someone can have a single hive or a few hives in a single location on the body. For many people who develop hives, the itch is a big concern. It can feel like an unending cycle of itching and scratching, and then itching and scratching again as symptoms worsen. It can affect the quality of life and impact sleep, especially in children.

Acupuncture for Hives

In acupuncture and Herb Medicine, because it dates back more than 3,000 years, all symptoms of diseases are diagnosed using terms which come from nature such as Wind, Heat, Cold, Dampness, Dryness, etc. When the eruptions are red, it is an indication that wind and heat are involved. When the eruptions are a pale pink or white, it is likely that the diagnosis will be wind- cold invading the skin.

Treatments will be directed at addressing both the root cause and the symptoms by providing immediate relief from the itching and swelling and addressing the underlying imbalances that cause this condition and stopping recurrent outbreaks. Acupuncture and Eastern medicine can be very effective at treating skin conditions. Treatments can provide quick relief for acute symptoms and can provide significant and lasting relief from recurrent or chronic skin conditions.

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