Hypermetabolism & Excessive Sweating

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Greenleaf Clinic Hypermetabolism Excessive Sweating Symptoms Treatment


Greenleaf Clinic Hypermetabolism Excessive Sweating Symptoms

Hypermetabolism & Excessive Sweating



Liam (pseudonym), a 32-year-old man, visited our clinic, saying that every summer he feels exhausted and tired to an extent where it is difficult for him to live his daily life. Thanks to his healthy and strong physique and stamina, he believes he does not feel particularly tired in any other seasons. Yet, whenever the weather gets hot, he feels his body becomes heavy and languished. According to Liam, his day to day life looks like this: He tends to sweat a lot, favours cold food such as ice cream and drinks a lot of water, but only cold water. Moreover, he has a very strong appetite, cannot endure hunger very well and eats in big portions. He sleeps well, but tends to talk a lot in his sleep.


Liam’s metabolism is currently hyperventilated. When he eats, the process of digestion, absorption of nutrients, and conversion into energy occurs too quickly. The overproduced energy increases body temperature and to maintain homeostasis of the increased body temperature, Liam’s body sweats a lot. However, to counter the increased body temperature and to cool it off, he drinks a lot of cold water.


When the body temperature is already high in place, and the weather is also hot, it becomes very difficult to maintain homeostasis of internal body temperature. It is quite similar to the pathology of a heat stroke. When the body temperature does not drop, it becomes difficult for a person to sleep deeply, and sleep talking is often shown under these conditions. In fact, Liam cannot sleep deeply, but he feels as though he does since he is in a very healthy and strong physique.





Herbal Medicine


Shi Gao

Treats fatigue, thirst caused by hyper metabolism and treats acute inflammation on small spots and heat sensation caused by inflammation.

Zhi Mu

Replenishes fluids to treat symptoms such as night sweating, hot flash, dry mud, etc.

Gan Cao

Supplies body fluid to human tissues to prevent fluid loss.




Qu Chi (LI11) and Zhu San Li (ST36)

Regulates and stabilizes the hyperventilation of body metabolism.

Shao Cong (HT1) and Shoa Hai (HT3)

Treats heat strokes.

Yin Tang

Stabilizes and soothes the mind.

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