How To Strengthen Your Qi & Your Immune System

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When learning about Eastern medicine, you’re going to come across the term Qi, pronounced “chee”, a lot. This is because many of the principles of Eastern medicine are based on the concept of Qi, or your internal energy, and keeping it balanced in order to maintain good health. In this blog post, we will be going over the concept of Qi, the different types of Qi, as well as 4 things you can do to strengthen your Qi and your immune system. 


In Eastern medicine, Qi imbalances or stagnations can occur throughout any part of your body as it circulates through pathways known as meridians, which run along your whole body. Moreover, your immune system can be linked to the strength and balance of your Qi, as when these factors are compromised you can become more susceptible to becoming sick or developing symptoms and conditions of something more serious. In addition, there are several types of Qi within your body which have slightly different purposes, and come from different sources.


Ying Qi refers to the overall energy we gain through our diet. Yuan Qi refers to the energy produced by our kidneys which relates to maintaining efficient circulation. Wei Qi refers to the energy that is the most similar to our immune system as it is responsible for keeping excessive cold and heat, as well as external pathogens away. 


Now that we’ve covered the overall concept and role of Qi, here are 4 ways you can strengthen your Qi which in turn will strengthen your immune system.


Relax & De-stress

In Eastern medicine, your emotional/mental and physical health are linked, and when one is compromised, so is the other. Therefore, one of the first things you can do to strengthen your qi and your immune system is taking the time to relax, and taking steps to reduce the amount of stress you experience daily. In terms of treatment, acupuncture has been shown to release endorphins which help one relax. Taking care of your mental and emotional health by reducing your stress is a great way to strengthen your Qi. 


Exercise Regularly

Wei Qi is the type of Qi that benefits most from regular exercise. This doesn’t mean that you have to run half marathons weekly, but doing something active like going for a walk can support your Wei Qi and your immune system. Regular exercise will also open up your lungs, and promote healthy circulation of your blood and Qi which are essential to maintaining your health.


Eat Well

An excess of greasy, sweet, and raw foods can result in Qi stagnation. When the flow of your energy is blocked, and your energy is unbalanced, you can begin to develop symptoms that can later evolve to fully-fledged health conditions. Avoiding an excessive amount of these types of foods, and maintaining a healthy balanced diet can ensure that your Qi and immune system remain strong. 


Rest & Recover

Balance is a common theme when it comes to maintaining a strong Qi and immune system, and it is also why taking time to rest and recover from work is crucial. If you’re consistently overworking without getting enough sleep, which in turn builds stress, you never give your body the opportunity to recover. As simple as it sounds, getting a good night’s rest will do wonders to strengthen your Qi and immune system.


In Eastern medicine, the energy which constantly circulates through you, known as Qi, needs to be supported and in balance to maintain a strong immune system. With these tips alone, you are already on your way to supporting and protecting your health. Interested in learning more on how Eastern medicine can help support your immune system? Contact us today to book an appointment! 


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