Headaches: Diagnosis and Acupuncture Treatment

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Far too many of us suffer from headaches. Whether that means you experience an uncomfortable dull-nagging-pain, or a debilitating stabbing-migraine, any headache can negatively affect your mood and get in the way of your daily activities. Not only do headaches have a wide range of severity in regards to symptoms, but they also have a wide range of causes.


In Eastern medicine, the head is where your paths of energy, known as meridians, meet. Just like other conditions commonly treated by acupuncture, in Eastern medicine, headaches occur due to imbalances of energy and improper blood flow. Eastern medicine uses acupuncture to treat headaches by balancing and facilitating the proper flow of one’s Qi, Yin, and Yang energy, and by circulating stagnated blood to the rest of the body.


Here are common causes of headaches, as well as their symptoms, and possible treatment methods.


Wind Pathogens and Excess Yin Energy

Wind Pathogens, or external causes of disease and cold symptoms, are often related to an excess of Yin Energy. This type of headache often comes along with cold symptoms such as chills and clogged sinuses.

Headache Symptoms:

  • Dull all-over headache or headache in the back of the head
  • Dizziness


Treatment Method: Acupuncture works to balance out energy and remove wind pathogens by promoting the flow of Yang (heat) energy. It is also used to circulate blood and remove blood stagnations.


Excess of Liver Yang


These headaches are caused by an excess of Yang (heat) energy in the liver.


Headache Symptoms:


  • Headache at the top of the head
  • Throbbing and constant pain
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Hot face
  • Red eyes


Treatment Method: Acupuncture works to target the liver and remove excess Yang energy. It also moves stagnated blood away from the liver to the rest of the body.


Blood Stagnation


These headaches are caused by improper blood circulation.


Headache Symptoms:


  • Chronic headache located anywhere on the head
  • The headache will be at a fixed location


Treatment Method: Acupuncture works to circulate stagnated blood throughout the body.


These are common causes of headaches, however, there are a number of things that can affect your body’s energy systems that can also be examined for alternate solutions such as your lifestyle, diet, sleep, and other underlying conditions. By paying close attention to your symptoms and the factors which may affect them, we can prescribe a custom treatment plan tailored to you.


If you are looking to reduce the frequency and severity of your headaches with Eastern medicine, contact us today!

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