Electro-Acupuncture? How effective is it?

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Electro-Acupuncture? How effective is it?

Conventional electric acupuncture refers to a form that provides constant stimulation by inserting a needle into a common acupuncture point and connecting an electric stimulator to the needle. In the traditional acupuncture treatment method, constant stimulation is applied to obtain good results by inserting acupuncture points into the acupoints. You can think of electric acupuncture as a method to continuously provide these stimulations for getting the best result from acupuncture. Many studies and papers have been published on electrical stimulation therapy.



Below is a list of the effects of electrical stimulation therapy. Positive results due to the circulatory enhancing effect of the electrical stimulation:


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If you look at the existing electrical stimulation muscle treatment of Physio, an electrical stimulation patch is attached to the skin to give electrical stimulation or an ultrasound therapy device is used to indirectly stimulate the deep muscle. This treatment is an indirect stimulation treatment, so it will show an insignificant effect. Electro-Acupuncture, which I use, is a treatment that promotes blood circulation and regeneration processes by inserting needles directly into the problematic muscles to give electrical stimulation to exercise the muscles.


When treating pain, you need to treat all the muscles involved in the pain together to get better results. Muscles are organic compounds, so if one area fails to operate as it should, other muscles will be used more to balance. In general, the problematic muscle should be treated naturally while other muscles temporarily replace its role, but if the muscle is not treated due to various factors (work, stress, bad posture, etc.), it will progress to chronic pain. Therefore, when pain occurs, rather than treating only the muscle that causes the pain (Major), the treatment of the auxiliary muscles (Minor) that helps the muscle must be also treated together to see more effective treatment results.


I insert needles directly into the problematic muscle (Major) and the supporting muscles (Minor) and conduct treatment through electrical stimulation for many years, allowing many patients to experience more effective treatment results. This type of treatment has been modified from traditional acupuncture treatment such that it fits the modern acupuncture treatment for better treatment results. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a medicine that has been developed and inherited based on experience. Acupuncture has also been developed and will be further developed in the future.




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