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What is the correct posture? What causes pain?


When I meet my patients, the question they often ask is “what is the correct posture?”. Looking back, it seems that most of us have never been educated on proper posture in our more than 12 years of compulsory education.

As everyone knows, the cause of the pain can be split into two parts: an internal factor caused by increased muscle fatigue due to incorrect posture (normal, sleeping, exercise, etc.) and an external factor caused by an external influence. Since the pain caused by external influence is a part that anyone can understand, I will proceed to explain the pain caused by internal factors.

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As shown in the figure above, if you focus on the torso, it is divided into cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. If you look at each shape, the cervical and lumbar vertebrae go down in a straight line when viewed from the back and form the ‘C’ when viewed from the side. With that said, a posture that maintains this shape is going to be the correct posture.


Posture, Pain


During many diagnoses of patients who suffer from pain, it can be observed that the shape of these bones is deformed. In general, many people have an ‘I’ shape, and some people have an inverted ‘C’ shape.Poor, Good, Postrue


Now, how do we create a posture that maintains the correct bone shape?
If you look at the standing posture, if there is a slight tension in the lower abdomen without extending the shoulders and chest, and without protruding the chin forward, it becomes the correct posture. It is now important to maintain this upright posture while walking, right?Posture

The sitting posture is similar. Once your hips are pressed against the backrest and your shoulders and chest are wide open, your lumbar spine will naturally form a ‘C’ shape. Once again, it is important to maintain that posture from now on, right? However, if many people sit like this and look at a book or monitor screen with their heads down, their necks will not be straight. So, don’t just drop your head as your whole body should move together.

Posture, Sleeping


Moreover, sleeping posture is more important than anything else as we maintain a certain posture constantly for a long period. First of all, it seems that many people do not know how to use pillows. Whether lying on your back or your side, the pillars of our body (cervical spine, spine, lumbar spine) always need to be in the correct posture. It is correct if you think that you are using a pillow to maintain that posture. A pillow that is too high or too low will affect our cervical spine, so it is recommended to choose a pillow that fits your body. Once again, it is important to try to maintain good posture and you have to constantly work hard to correct bad posture habits to get rid of chronic pain. General pain treatment cannot correct bad posture. To eliminate the root cause of these pains, your efforts are going to be the key to recovering.


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