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Boost Your Immune System

It’s not a lie when we say the key to good health is having a strong immune system. Your body is constantly fighting with bacterias, viruses, and other toxins that we inhale or eat every day. The goal of traditional Eastern Medicine is to create a balance in the body, helping the body’s qi or energy force. When the qi is an imbalance, the body is more prone to catch the flu easily and leads to muscle pain, high-stress levels, and more. At this time of the year, a strong immune system is crucial to protect oneself against seasonal infections. Especially with COVID-19, we must have a strong immune system to block the virus entering into our body. If you catch a cold or flu, it means that your immune system is weakened which also means that your body can pick up viruses easily.

Regulate Your Immune System

Most of us don’t think about boosting the immune system until we’re sick and we reach out to over-the-counter medications to relieve our symptoms. However, in Eastern Medicine, we think about ways to support our immune system safely and naturally using acupuncture and herbal medicine. Acupuncture naturally calms the central nervous system and moves the qi, helping the body to heal itself naturally. The key is that Chinese medicine does not treat the symptoms but it brings your immune system back to normal. If your defences are too weak, Eastern medicine can strengthen and stimulate the body signalling chemicals to bring your body into good health. Natural herbs used in herbal medicine to regulate and boost your immune system are honeysuckle, ginseng, elderberry, ginger, echinacea, and more.

Balanced Diet

A great way to keep a balanced immune system is to have a balanced diet. Eating a healthy diet with fresh fruit and vegetables are an important and easy measures everyone can take! Focus on incorporating more plants and plant-based food into your diet and you will notice a big difference. Green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, broccoli, and more are great to intake, mushrooms, raw honey, citrus fruits, yogurt are all very good to protect your body from the flu, cold, or other illnesses. Keep in mind that sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed fats can weaken immunity. We recommend drinking tea to help with digestion and calming your body!

Lifestyle/Mental Health

Consider observing your whole lifestyle when you think about boosting your immune system. Keeping stress at bay is a key factor as stress causes our body to be fight mode, making our nervous system on high alert and suppresses the immune system. Finding ways to reduces stress such as acupuncture, meditation, exercise can improve your immune system and is great for your mental health. If your mental health is in a good state, your body will definitely be in better condition. Mental health affects every part of your body and lifestyle and seeking help when needed is important as well. Also, good quality sleep is an important factor in a strong immune system. Lack of good sleep disturbs the regulation of key chemicals in your immune system, so don’t neglect sleep and focus on getting quality sleep regularly! Remember that your whole lifestyle determines if your immune system goes down the drain or becomes healthy and strong!

Everyone’s body and the immune system are different so it’s important for you to speak with a professional practitioner to tailor your treatment and routines to boost your immune system. Incorporate these easy to follow steps to strengthen your immune system and visit our clinic for more professional advice and treatments! At a difficult time like this, it’s crucially important for you to balance your immune system and the body to fight the bad bacteria and viruses that may enter your body. Don’t wait until your immune system is weakened, start caring for your body now so you don’t regret later!

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