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Back Pain, Psoas Major Muscle? Quadratus Lumborum Muscle?

Hello, this is Dr. Jang.
Back pain is one of the main complaints of many patients who visit our clinic. The lower back is the center of our body; hence, it becomes very uncomfortable if you have lower back pain. It is uncomfortable to be in any position such as lying or sitting down – quite literally, impossible to move comfortably. Normally, these back problems are caused by an over-tight form of the back muscles. All muscles must relax and contract, but when the contracted state is sustained, it results in poor movement or pain.


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Typically, the muscles that have these problems are the Psoas major and Quadratus lumborum muscles. The Psoas muscle is attached to our Lumbar vertebrae, and the Quadratus lumbar muscle is in the form of covering the psoas. These muscles work to bend our backs or lift our legs. So, if these muscles have a problem, bending the back becomes difficult, or walking becomes uncomfortable.


Usually, patients look for a variety of treatments for back pain. By far, I can say that acupuncture is the most effective. As mentioned earlier, the psoas muscle needs to be treated, but since the muscle is located deep inside the body, it is difficult to effectively treat the muscle in a form that stimulates from the skin (massage, electric patch treatment, etc.). If you apply strong pressure from the skin level to loosen the cramped muscle, it may rupture other fascia and cause more pain. However, since acupuncture can be treated by needles (a method to control the intensity of the stimulation according to the duration of the needle in the body), these side effects are minimized and results in the treatment being more effective. Contraction of the psoas muscle can also cause menstrual cramps, digestive problems, or bowel movement problems. If you have any discomfort in your lower back, we recommend that you receive an effective acupuncture treatment.


Ph.D. Jang, Hosung


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