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Teenage years are usually when you are most susceptible to severe and visible acne, while adult acne may also be a common problem for some. Regardless of the age, acne is undesirable and can leave many feeling vulnerable and self-conscious. These feelings of sensitivity can lead to other more damaging issues to the body, such as depression and anxiety, which can have an adverse effect on one’s overall health. Fortunately, Eastern medicine has a positive effect on acne treatments that work from the body’s inside out.


The Reason Behind Acne

In Eastern medicine, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions are seen as a result of a combination of two factors: excess heat and dampness. When either of these factors are in excess in the body, a variety of skin problems may arise including acne.

Heat is also referred to as yang and is needed in the body for movement, however too much of it can cause problems. Heat can be shown in the body either internally or externally.

Internal heat refers to the emotional pressure that is constantly restrained. The period of adolescence is particularly a time of experiencing various emotions with most being bottled inside and not released, which can lead to serious internal issues when not expressed for long periods of time. Teenage years are also a time of intense hormonal fluctuations which can cause an excess of hormones for some. An excess in some hormones can also be a reason for internal heat. Blood deficiency can also be the cause of too much internal heat. Not consuming enough or the right amount of nutrient-dense foods can lead to blood deficiency in the body. It is quite common for many teenagers to not be eating proper amounts of healthy food which can make them more susceptible to being blood deficient. Blood is a way for the body to remove waste and without a sufficient amount of blood to be transported, inflammation can appear on the skin.

External heat refers to a variation of chemical irritations on the skin, excess physical exertion and consumption of overstimulating foods.

Dampness is very similar to heat in that the cause can be both internal and external. Yin or moisture, is necessary for everyone to function properly. In Eastern medicine, dampness refers to the inability for the body to metabolize fluids well which can lead to excess fluids remaining in the body. Bacteria flourishes in damp conditions making a great environment for acne.

An internal cause for dampness can be a weak digestive system struggling due to irregular eating habits, whereas an external cause can result from the consumption of fatty or greasy foods.

Acne Treatment with Eastern Medicine

Western medicine treats acne solely as an inflammation disorder, however the benefit of Eastern medicine is that the root cause is determined and treatment is directed towards targeting that root cause. Whether it is inflammation associated with gastrointestinal problems such as gastritis or constipation, or inflammation correlated with stress such as physiological impoverishment or anxiety disorder, Eastern medicine is a reliable source of treatment.

A combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine is seen as the most effective form of treatment for acne. Depending on the patient’s conditions, there are different herbs to target different needs. Some herbs also have antibacterial properties that are highly effective when targeting acne-related problems.

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