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Period pain or menstrual cramps, is an experience women all over the world go through. The pain itself can range from a mild yet manageable discomfort, to a debilitating pain that can interfere with one’s everyday activities. Unfortunately for many, it simply becomes a part of their standard routine.


From the perspective of Eastern medicine, period pain is caused by an obstruction of Qi and blood. While Western medicine’s treatment for period pain is limited, Eastern medicine has a variety of alternative treatments including herbs. By utilizing herbal treatments that promote balance, and regulate blood circulation and the flow of Qi, they can provide long term relief to those who suffer from period pain. Here are 5 herbs you can try out!


Ginger – Sheng Jiang


Ginger contains an abundance of anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to combat the compounds that potentially cause period pain. This includes Prostaglandin. When released, this compound can disrupt blood flow and even cause uterine contractions. By ingesting ginger, one can consume anti-inflammatories from a natural source to treat period pain.


Natural Dandelion – Pu Gong Ying


Dandelions are used in Eastern medicine to improve overall liver function. This includes eliminating excess hormones and preventing estrogen dominance. When the liver isn’t functioning properly, one can experience PMS-like symptoms including period pain. By ensuring proper liver function, dandelion is able to balance the hormonal system to treat it.


Chinese Motherwort – Yi Mu Cao


Chinese Motherwort is a herb used in Eastern medicine that balances women’s hormonal systems, promotes proper blood flow and circulation, and causes the body to release oxytocin. By regulating these components, and releasing oxytocin, Chinese Motherwort is able to treat both period pain and irregular menstrual cycles.


Angelica Sinensis – Dong Quai


Angelica Sinensis is a herb used in Eastern medicine that is rich in compounds that are anti-inflammatory and promote a strong immune system. Similar to dandelions and Chinese Motherwort, they are also used to treat period pain and PMS symptoms by balancing the hormonal system.


Peach Kernel – Tao Ren


Peach Kernel is used to improve both blood and energy circulation. It can also remove any stagnated blood or blockages within the body, which to Eastern medicine is a primary cause of period pain. By ensuring blood and energy is flowing freely, period pain can be treated with Peach Kernel.


If you’re experiencing period pain and you haven’t found the right solution, try incorporating these herbs into your regular supplements and diet.