3 Ways to Promote Your Kidneys Health

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From the perspective of Eastern medicine, your kidneys are responsible for balancing your Yin and Yang energy, and Jing which is another form of energy linked with reproductive health and aging.


In this blog post, we will cover the role of your kidneys in Eastern medicine, and 3 ways you can promote kidney health. 


While other organs contain their own respective Yin and Yang energy, the source or generator of that energy are your kidneys. Your kidneys produce kidney Qi, which in turn becomes the Yin and Yang energy that flows throughout your entire body. Because your kidneys are the main source of Yin and Yang energy, maintaining their health is crucial to balance your overall Yin and Yang energy.


In Eastern medicine, your body is constantly circulating this energy. Yin represents a cooling energy that is responsible for keeping organs and tissues moist. On the other hand, Yang represents your body’s heating energy, and it is responsible for generating heat and clearing excess moisture. These two forces need to be balanced to maintain overall health as an excess or absence of either can result in symptoms and conditions being developed. Because your kidneys are essential in the production of Yin and Yang energy, you must maintain their health to avoid developing other complications. 


Furthermore, Jing is the energy responsible for the growth and development of the reproductive system. From birth to puberty this energy is at its highest, and it is what causes you to develop strong bones, teeth, brain function, and later on your reproductive organs. But, throughout adulthood this energy begins to dwindle. When this occurs signs of aging such as hair loss and joint issues arise. If these issues seem to occur prematurely, it can be a sign of issues with kidney health. Similarly, if issues regarding your reproductive system’s health arise, it may be linked to imbalances in the kidney system as well.


Now that we know how powerful and important your kidneys are from the perspective of Eastern medicine, here are 3 ways to promote kidney health.


Get a Balanced Diet

Eat whole foods that mitigate the risk of kidney disease and support your kidney health. High blood pressure is a risk factor for kidney disease, therefore eating foods that lower your blood pressure is a great way to support your kidney health. For example, eating fish can support your kidney health as their omega-3 fats can reduce your blood pressure levels. In Eastern medicine, grapes, leeks, and strawberries are other examples of foods that support kidney health. 


Stay Hydrated

In western medicine, your kidneys also function as filters of waste and toxins. The waste and toxins filtered by your kidneys is then excreted as urine. If you don’t drink enough water, you can develop complications such as kidney stones, so it is important that you stay hydrated.


Keep Your Kidneys Warm

Your kidneys are located in your lower back, and In Eastern medicine they are sensitive to cold temperatures. If you live somewhere with a cold climate, remember to keep yourself warm and bundled up.


One of the primary principles of Eastern medicine is balance, and your kidneys are extremely important in maintaining it. If you’ve experienced symptoms related to aging or your reproductive health, that may indicate that your kidneys are not functioning properly causing imbalances in your Yin and Yang, or your Jing energy to deplete. 


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