3 Pressure Points to Curb Cravings

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3 Pressure Points To Combat Cravings



The holidays are here! That means celebrations, family time, and Christmas dinners. This time of year is incredibly important as in Eastern medicine balance is the key to good health, and this time of year is when most people finally get the chance to wind down and de-stress from all of their work and personal responsibilities. The challenge here is avoiding the temptation to go overboard, overindulging in food and drinks.


In this blog post, we will be covering 3 pressure points that you can massage to help combat cravings during this holiday season.


In Eastern medicine, pressure points have been manipulated by both acupressure massage and traditional acupuncture to unblock or improve the circulation of your internal energy known as Qi. In more modern times, massaging certain pressure points has been found to regulate your hypothalamus, which is the section of the brain that is related to hunger and stress hormones, as well as your appetite and digestion. 


Here are 3 pressure points you can massage yourself to regulate your hypothalamus, and suppress your appetite.


Nape/Back of Your Neck

Using both hands, firmly massage your nape, more specifically along your hairline and on each side of your spine. Doing this will regulate the signals sent to your body by your hypothalamus, and help you combat your cravings. In addition, as these muscles are often incredibly tight, massaging this pressure point will also help you relax.


In-Between Eyes/Temples

To massage the pressure point in between your eyes, use your index finger and thumb to pinch the bridge of your nose. When massaging your temples, you can simply use your index finger and middle finger to massage in circular motions. By massaging these pressure points you can cause your body to release serotonin, which is a mood-regulating property that can also help curb your cravings. 


In Between Your Index Finger and Thumb

With your thumb, very firmly massage the pressure point on the fleshy area between your index finger and thumb to the point of discomfort. Similarly, massaging this pressure point relieves stress and suppresses your hunger by regulating your hypothalamus.


With Christmas right around the corner we’re sure you’re looking forward to all of the celebrations, but not the extra holiday weight. With these pressure points you have a few quick tricks to help you combat temptation, but if you’re looking for more help on weight loss, contact us today to book an appointment. 


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