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Although essential, we often take our ability to breathe regularly for granted until we come down with a runny nose and cough. Without the ability to breathe properly, even the most mundane tasks can become a physical challenge. Luckily Eastern medicine has a variety of herbs that can be prescribed to strengthen the lungs with little-to-no side effects.


In Western medicine, your respiratory system and lungs are primarily responsible for supplying your blood with oxygen through breathing, allowing your blood to supply oxygen to the rest of your body. However, from the perspective of Eastern medicine, your lungs are also primarily responsible for something just as important, circulating your internal energy known as Qi. When your lungs are working in harmony with the rest of your body, your Qi is able to flow throughout your entire body freely. If your lungs are healthy and your body’s internal energy is balanced and flowing, you are in your most optimal state. If your lungs are unhealthy, your Qi is most likely weak and not circulating throughout your body properly. When this occurs you can face a number of negative consequences ranging from shortness of breath, to more severe immune or respiratory system problems. Furthermore, as Eastern medicine views each organ as an interconnected part of the body, weak lungs may compromise the health and function of other organs.


Here are 4 herbs commonly prescribed in Eastern medicine to strengthen and improve lung function:


American Ginseng Root

In particular, American ginseng is recommended over Asian ginseng to improve lung function as it is a herb that promotes Yin energy, the energy responsible for keeping lungs moist and cool. Meanwhile, ginseng from Asia is the opposite as it promotes Yang energy, dryness, and warmth.



Astragalus is a commonly prescribed herb in Eastern medicine used to improve the immune system as it is known to strengthen protective Qi. Those who often have colds, or have respiratory issues such as asthma, are typically prescribed Astragalus to boost their lung function. 


Cordyceps Mushroom

Cordycep mushrooms are mushrooms that improve one’s breathing capacity and strength. They also have natural immune system boosting properties. These factors make them a herbal medicine commonly prescribed to help those who suffer from chronic coughs, wheezing, and shortness of breath due to weak lungs.



Unlike other herbs that are specifically prescribed to strengthen the lungs, Schisandra is prescribed to maintain the existing health of the lungs. They work by retaining lung moisture and clean lung fluids.


Depending on your specific symptoms, we may prescribe different or additional herbs to strengthen your lungs.


If you suffer from chronic colds and respiratory issues, or simply want to strengthen the health of one of the most important parts of your body, herbal medicine may be right for you. For every patient we provide customized treatment plans catered to their specific set of symptoms and lifestyle. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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