Spleen Qi Deficiency in Eastern Medicine

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Spleen Qi Deficiency in Eastern Medicine

Eastern medicine looks at the body as a whole with various inter-connected systems working together in harmony. Problems in one part of the body may be a result of a lack of energy flow or qi through the entire body. While the spleen in human anatomy refers to the immune system and is responsible for the production of white blood cells, it means something entirely different in Eastern medicine. The spleen in Eastern medicine is one aspect of the body that has tremendous responsibility in the overall health of the body.


What is spleen qi?

In Eastern medicine, the spleen is paired with the stomach and is responsible for ensuring food substances are properly broken down into nutrients in the digestive system. Once digested, it is then transported to the lungs, where the heart and lungs function to generate qi and convert the nutrients into blood. Thus, the spleen is tremendously important as it is at the core of producing qi, blood and fluids for the body.

With proper flow of qi from the spleen, the digestive system functions smoothly. However when the qi is blocked, issues of flow may arise. Blood and all fluids may become backed up or cause sagging of the organs. Other symptoms may arise as well, such as a loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, pale skin, shallow breathing and dizziness.

Why is the spleen qi important?

As the spleen is responsible for transporting the nutrients, blood and fluids to the lungs, the pushing action of the qi is greatly important. When it cannot properly ascend to the heart and lungs, issues concerning flow blockage may arise. It is also responsible for the descending action of the digestive system. The descending process allows for the spleen qi to excrete the undigested food out of the body. Similar to how the ascending action is important, the descending action is just as important and complements the ascending process to achieve a well-functioning digestive system.

Another reason behind the importance of it is its ability to regulate the blood within the blood vessels. A weak spleen qi causes the person to be more susceptible to bruises, blood in the stools and urine, and other bleeding problems.

It holds great significance in the body’s overall health and should not be easily ignored. A healthy spleen qi means a healthy flow in the body as a whole and a proper balance of the spleen. Strengthening your spleen function is one of the most important considerations of Eastern medicine, and will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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