How to Strengthen the Spleen

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We discussed the importance of the spleen qi in our previous blog post, now let us talk about some helpful tips to strengthen yours. In Eastern medicine, different organ systems in the body have different responsibilities, and each works in conjunction with one another to keep the body healthy as a whole. One of those organs is the spleen. It is one of the most commonly weakened organs in the body as daily lifestyle patterns can naturally cause ours to weaken. Common health problems include digestive issues, insomnia and depression. Keeping it healthy is the same as keeping our body’s very core foundation strong and healthy, which is why it is crucial we take care of our spleen.


Avoid Cold Foods and Drinks

As the spleen in Eastern medicine is responsible for a healthy digestive system, reducing cold foods and drinks can help it function properly. It is best to keep the spleen warm and dry. Cold foods can cause the spleen to experience a heavy toll as it works harder to digest the cold foods. Cold foods can refer to any food that has a cold thermal nature such as raw foods and seafood, as well as foods that are physically cold like iced drinks, ice cream and frozen food. An easy tip to follow is to stick to lukewarm water rather than iced beverages.

Get Rest

Getting enough sleep is one of the simplest yet easily overlooked steps to maintaining good spleen health. Lack of sleep is not just tiring on your body, but it also causes the spleen’s energy to be exhausted. An exhaustion in the spleen can lead to a variety of other health issues such as digestive problems and depression. Aside from getting enough sleep, it is important for our bodies to regularly recharge itself by taking breaks. Especially during stressful times, taking short breaks can go a long way for ours.

Chew Your Food

The spleen in Eastern medicine is commonly known as the stomach, and the stomach is in charge of breaking down all the food in our body. As the spleen needs to break down foods to be used for the rest of the body as energy, it needs to be strong enough to do so. Chewing your food carefully and thoroughly is a great way to take some burden off from the spleen. By chewing your food for a longer time, the less overworked the spleen is, and the better it can use its energy for other functions in the body.

Other Alternatives

Eastern medicine is an effective alternative to strengthening your spleen. Acupuncture and herbal medicine both focus on spleen qi deficiency and aim to create a better qi flow in the entire body. Some herbs that help with spleen qi deficiency are red ginseng, jujube dates and pseudostellaria root.

If you feel as though you feel generally weak, tired, experience poor appetite, shallow breathing, as well as other symptoms, it is advised you seek a medical practitioner. Eastern medicine can greatly improve your spleen’s health as well as your overall well-being, and is an effective alternative to consider.

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