How Eastern Medicine Approaches Neck Pain

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Do you suffer from dull or sudden sharp pains in your neck? Then you’ve experienced neck pain and understand the impact it can have on your day-to-day activities. Today, more and more people of all ages are experiencing this yet solutions from Western medicine remain limited.


It is typically caused by two things, bad habits sustained over long periods of time, or through specific instances such as a sudden fall or car crash. For example, if one works at their computer with bad posture for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, they can potentially strain the same muscle group for 40 hours every single week. The consequence of these habits can accumulate over time, and the slightly sore neck you experience after a workday can evolve into severe and chronic neck pain. In contrast, if you are involved in a car accident at any speed, whiplash can put a tremendous amount of pressure on your neck and spine which can cause acute neck pain. Regardless of its cause, it can become an agonizing experience without proper treatment.


Unlike treatment from Western medicine which focuses their investigation on the physical signs and symptoms of neck pain at the site, Eastern medicine also takes into account other factors such as blood flow and your nervous system as head and neck pain can be indicators of deeper problems. Furthermore, as Eastern medicine views the body as interconnected parts which all influence each other, our treatment methods may involve parts of the body seemingly unrelated to your neck pain. For example, we may insert acupuncture needles into your abdomen as it is a method to reduce overall inflammation throughout the body, which may in turn reduce the severity of your pain. In addition, other methods of Eastern medicine such as herbal medicine, acupressure massage, moxibustion, and cupping may be prescribed alongside your acupuncture treatment depending on the root cause of your neck pain. We may also recommend changing aspects of your general lifestyle as Eastern medicine views signs and symptoms of pain or illness as a culmination of everything that you do and experience. Because Western medicine often limits their focus on the pain itself while Eastern medicine investigates its root cause, your treatment plan will be fully customized to suit your needs and symptoms, and may involve one or more treatment methods.


Neck pain is an increasingly common problem that people of all ages can experience. It is also a problem that has numerous causes and a wide range of severity when it comes to pain. Whether your neck pain is the result of your daily habits and activities or from an accident or car crash, Eastern medicine addresses the problem by investigating the root cause. If you are looking to address your neck pain with Eastern medicine, contact us and book an appointment today!

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