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Chinese Motherwort, or Yi Mu Cao, is an ancient herb native to Asia and South Eastern Europe. For thousands of years it has been used for medicinal purposes to treat a variety of conditions including heart disease, anxiety, and infertility. Although it has been used as medicine for almost 2000 years, it is still commonly used in China, and is gaining popularity in North America.


In Eastern medicine, the Chinese Motherwort is categorized as a “cold” herb used to stimulate and regulate blood flow. In this blog post you will learn how it can be used for hormonal balance and fertility, skin conditions, pain, and heart health.


Hormonal Balance and Fertility


In Eastern medicine, the Chinese Motherwort is a herb commonly used to promote the hormonal health of women. This includes promoting fertility, hormonal balance, and menstrual health. When used to treat specific conditions, it is often prescribed to treat irregular or missing periods, heavy flow and clots, as well as postpartum abdominal pain. This is because Chinese Motherwort improves blood circulation and reduces pelvis inflammation.


Skin Conditions


In Eastern medicine, the body contains cold and warm energy, also known as Yin and Yang. Skin conditions such as itching, rashes, and dryness are often caused by an excess of internal heat, or Yang energy. Chinese Motherwort is prescribed to treat skin conditions as it is categorized as a cold herb that can balance out the temperature and energy within the body.




In Eastern medicine, pain can be caused by irregular blood flow, blood stasis, and blood clotting. This is because these things cause energy blocks, which then result in pain. Chinese Motherwort promotes healthy blood and energy flow to combat these blocks and the subsequent pain.


Heart Health


The Chinese Motherwort contains compounds that promote heart health and protect it from damage. For example, Leourine relaxes both blood vessels and muscles, and can reduce a heart rate that is too fast, and slow down heart palpitations. In addition, the Chinese Motherwort contains a variety of antioxidants that protect and repair heart damage.


In Eastern medicine there are hundreds of herbs, all of which having distinct qualities and characteristics, that are used as medicine. There may also be a number of herbs that would be beneficial as part of your regular routine, or prescribed to treat a condition. If you are looking to improve your general health or to treat a specific condition with Eastern medicine, we encourage you to visit our clinic so we can discuss your goals and possible treatment.

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