3 Herbs That Improve Focus & Concentration

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Have you ever had a difficult time focusing on tasks? Whether your lack of focus affects your schooling, career, or personal life, it’s a frustrating problem that can be incredibly discouraging. Instead of using external tools, stimulants, and willpower to improve your focus, you should solve this problem from within. By making changes that set you up for success with Eastern medicine, not only will you improve your ability to focus and concentrate, but you will also be improving your overall health by restoring your inner balance.


Keep reading to learn more on 3 herbs that improve focus and concentration.


From the perspective of Eastern medicine, your mental state and ability correlates with the health of your body. When it comes to your specific ability to focus, the health of your kidneys and spleen are primary influencers. In Eastern medicine, one of the main roles of your kidneys is to create and store your internal energy known as Qi, and it is also related to your willpower and memory. When there is an excess of Yang or warm energy in your kidneys, your ability to concentrate is jeopardized. Similarly, the health of your spleen is crucial in your ability to concentrate as it is responsible for blood production, and is linked with memory. In Eastern medicine, proper blood production and flow are related to mental focus as a weak heart due to blood deficiencies can cause fatigue and brain fog. 


Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms are known for their ability to support heart health, and proper Qi circulation. Historically, they have been used in Eastern medicine by monks for centuries in order to meditate in a calm and centered state. Reishi mushrooms are most commonly consumed as herbal tea.



Ginseng root is a herb that is high in warming or Yang energy, and is used to improve alertness. Furthermore, studies on ginseng have shown that it can improve the cognitive ability of stroke and Alzherimerès patients. Just like Reishi mushrooms, ginseng can be brewed into a herbal tea.


Ginkgo Leaves

Ginko Leaves are a herb harvested from the world’s oldest species of tree. In Eastern medicine, they are known to heighten concentration, clear dampness, and improve the function of both your heart and your lungs. In recent times, Ginkgo leaves have been shown to assist patients with dementia. This herb is most commonly found in tablet form.


These 3 herbs are just a few of the many found in Eastern medicine that can help you with your focus and concentration. One of the many benefits of Eastern medicine is that our herbal treatments are customized to fit your specific needs, as everyone has different requirements necessary to achieve homeostasis. If you’re interested in getting a herbal medicine treatment plan to improve your focus and concentration, contact us today!

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