Skin disorders can be an annoying and embarrassing problem to live with. Acne problems during the adolescent and teenage years can gradually disappear as you mature. There are however, some people who continue to struggle with various skin disorders throughout their lives, which can often be sore and painful not to mention being unsightly and possibly eroding self-confidence.


The use of acupuncture can be an effective healing method for skin disorders as it identifies the root cause of the problem as well as the physical signs and symptoms. This helps stop the problem from reoccurring once the physical signs have gone. This is unlike modern western medical treatments that use ointments and drugs such as steroids and antibiotics that have no effect on the root cause. In fact, long-term use of antibiotics may upset the normal body flora and predispose the individual to other health problems such as, candida and yeast infections.


Skin disorders can be categorized into two groups, these include:


Internal conditions from emotions such as stress, anger, worry etc; diet such as over consumption of greasy fried food, alcohol, spicy foods etc; constitutional factors; age and gender.


External factors may also be present in conjunction with or separate from internal conditions. These cause physical reactions to the skin from a particular season or climate, chemicals, friction and allergies to plants or animals etc.


Acupuncture is effective in treating all skin conditions.