Doctors in Ancient China were paid only as long as their patients were healthy. As soon as the patient fell ill, payment to their doctor stopped. China Medicine has a tremendous emphasis on the preventative aspect of medicine.

Flu season is upon us. With the recent scare over the flu vaccine, now more than ever it is important to know how to take care of ourselves during this time. We all know that exercise, fresh air, and whole foods are key factors in supporting our immune system, but did you know that Chinese Medicine can also be a tool in the fight against colds and flu? Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can be a valuable resource in the prevention of colds and flu, and can also help us recover from them quickly.


It is possible to use Chinese Medicine to prevent colds and flu from happening altogether or to prevent them from becoming full-blown infections. It has been determined that acupuncture is effective in boosting the immune system. If you haven’t visited an acupuncturist, and feel relatively healthy, it is advisable to come for acupuncture once or twice a month during cold and flu season to strengthen your immunity. If you are prone to infections, especially during winter months, you may want to come for acupuncture two or three times a month to keep yourself from getting sick. Chinese Herbal Medicine is used to supplement the immune system between treatments so that, on a daily basis, your body is being fortified against infection. When people around you are getting sick, while you are receiving acupuncture treatments your body is better able to fight off illnesses and remain healthy.


If you do happen to catch a cold or flu, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can help lessen the severity and hasten the recovery of your illness. If you visit your acupuncturist at the first signs of cold and flu, such as chills, fatigue, body ache or sore throat, you can use acupuncture and Chinese Herbs to repair immunity and fight symptoms so that your body can fight the infection. Also, if an illness is lingering, frequent treatments (twice a week for one week or two) will help stop the pattern on re-infection and weakening immunity so that you can finally get over your cold or flu.


It is common knowledge in Chinese Medicine that it is possible to recover from an illness and be stronger for it. Using Acupuncture and Chinese herbs during the recovery stage of infection is a good way to ensure that you are completely over the infection and your immune system is intact and ready to ward off the next illness that finds its way into your home. Two or three weekly treatments after and illness will help restore balance in your immune, respiratory, and digestive systems. Symptoms such as a lingering cough, phlegm, or a disruption in your elimination are common complaints after a sever bout of the flu. Acupuncture and Herbal treatment will help resolve the condition and eliminate any lingering symptoms.

The Benefits of an Alternative

Chinese Medicine was developed to treat many different illnesses, but made particular advancements in its medical history when doctors began to look specifically at the treatment of viral and bacterial infections. Now, the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine is combined with what modern acupuncturists know about viral infections such as the flu. During this season, using acupuncture and herbs to prevent infections has never been more appropriate.