I am certain that you are familiar to the picture of the uterus and you know the blood flow is affecting the uterus a lot. However, If I say that temperature in the lower abdomen is influencing the uterus, you might be doubtful. In fact, Korean moms always tell their daughter “Don’t sit on the cold floor.”, “Wear the socks all the time.”, “Don’t wear too thin clothing.”, “Don’t wear a miniskirt in a cold day”. Of course, daughters keep ignoring that. Anyway, their tradition has been teaching them keep the abdomen(uterus) warm. Is it reasonable or scientific? Let’s see the next picture.

You can see the uterus and the ovary. Then, let’s look at surrounding of the uterus. You can see the serous fluid which is shining. Yes, there were plenty of serous fluid before opening the pelvic cavity. At this point, we have to ask a question. Is the field around the uterus, such as serous membrane and fluid and fat, affecting the uterus or not? If the field is affecting the object on it, what is influencing the field?

Let’s go back to high school class of biology and physics. Most of body consist of water, fat, and protein. These mixture of water, fat, and protein was affected by temperature, pressure and humidity.

Yes, the uterus, the object itself, might not be affected by temperature. However, the field, such as serous membrane and fluid and fat, are significantly influenced by temperature. Once the field is changing, the object is getting an impact.

Here is a typical type of patient who coldness is affecting the uterus.

how we treat.

Acupuncture : KI 3, Ren 4, Ren 6, SP 3 with moxibustion(warming therapy)
Herbs : Dang Gui, Wu Zhu Yu, Gui Zhi, Shao Yao etc.

How to keep warm the uterus by yourself.

1. Do not sit too much or too often on cold and wet floors or chairs.
2. Keep warm in the feet, stomach and back area. Wear clothes that cover the navel and back. Wear socks or stockings and shoes in cold weather.
3. Do not swim during the menstrual period.
4. Change clothes after getting wet in the rain as soon as possible.
5. Dry your hair after showering before you are going out.
6. Try not to drink cold drinks, cold water or eat frozen food, especially during menstrual period. (Do not drink cold drinks on an empty stomach.)
7. Take proper treatment if you have a deficient Yang energy type of body with internal cold. (Symptoms of this type of body: likes warm and dislikes cold, cold feet and hands, aching in the knees because of cold, deficient energy, depressed, pale face)