1. Each patient is assigned two staff, one TCM Doctor and one acupuncturist.

We approach the human body from two different directions. One is the internal approach, such as blood and water circulation, hormonal balance, the function of  your organs, immune system etc. The other is the structural approach such as the muscular and skeletal system. Muscles in the lower back are closely related to ovarian and uterus function. Muscles in the neck and shoulder significantly affect psychological conditions. Dr. Na specializes in taking care of internal conditions while our Registered Acupuncturist Jonghwa Park treats your muscles. We continually collaborate and cross check our treatment plans to give you the best possible co-treatment for your condition.

2. We are a highly skilled and experienced team of TCM doctors and acupuncturists.

Most fertility patients who seek our help have these kinds of problem:


  • a. Lack of blood flow in the uterus (Indicating symptoms : cold hands and feet, feeling cold easily, cold abdomen)
  • b. Blood flow is stagnated in the uterus due to stress (Indicating symptoms : severe painful cramps with blood clots, dark menstrual blood, irregular menstruation, sighing often)
  • c. Hormonal imbalance due to obesity (Indicating symptoms : obesity, difficulty losing weight, swelling in the feet)


Getting properly diagnosed and treated within Western medicine can be difficult at times. Some patients who have had negative results from Western medicine could in fact be affected by some of the previously mentioned conditions. Our job as TCM doctors is to figure that out. Our doctors will do a thorough check up to help you identify symptoms you may not even be paying attention to.

3. We see and treat the human body as a whole.

Our main treatable conditions are infertility, psychological conditions, chronic pain and skin diseases; however we treat a multitude of other conditions as well. At Greenleaf, we don’t emphasize just one condition because our body functions as a whole. Sometimes treating stress and anxiety is more important than promoting blood circulation in the uterus in the case of treating infertility.  If a practitioner doesn’t have experience with treating psychological conditions, they might have a limited view. We believe that as TCM practitioners, we should be able to identify and treat many different conditions, seeing the body as a whole is not an easy task but a very necessary one.

5. We are not only an acupuncture clinic, but also a well-known herbal clinic.

Herbal medicine is a very powerful treatment for infertility. If you have a complicated condition, you should definitely consult with us about trying herbal medicine as you will  get maximized results from a combination of acupuncture and herbal treatments.  We  were also selected by Georgia Straight readers as one of the top three “Best Herbal Clinics” in Best of Vancouver.

6. We consistently and continuously study ancient TCM books while reviewing modern research and case studies from Korea, China, Japan and the USA.

Our practitioners not only research and reference hundreds of thousands of case studies in renowned TCM classic books, but also review modern clinical studies and reports from Korea, China, Japan and the USA. We don’t settle into routine treatments.