The Benefits of Moxibustion

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When people say Eastern medicine, the first thing that usually comes to mind is acupuncture or herbal medicine. However, moxibustion is a very big component of Eastern medicine with so many great healing benefits. Though not quite as popular as acupuncture or herbal medicine, moxibustion is highly effective and is especially great for treatments that require warming up the body. Moxa comes from the mugwort plant and moxibustion is a therapeutic method of burning and warming by placing the moxa-wool or other medicated materials to points on the human body. With the help of the mild heat of the ignited moxa and the action of the medicine and through the meridian transmission, moxibustion has the therapeutic effect of warming and promoting the flow of qi and blood, as well as strengthening the body’s resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors.


Methods Using Moxibustion

There are various forms of moxibustion treatment. Practitioners will sometimes roll the pure moxa into a ball and place it on the end of an acupuncture needle, which will then transfer the heat from the moxa to the surface of the skin through the needle and deeper into the acupuncture point. It can also be rolled into a stick to burn over certain areas of the body or have a more direct approach with moxa being placed on specific acupuncture points in the shape of a cone.

Benefits of Moxibustion

With moxa’s warming effect, this form of treatment is most often used for symptoms that worsen with the cold and get better with heat. Examples include muscle or joint pain, fatigue, anemia and immunity issues. In Eastern medicine, the cold is oftentimes perceived as being an interference to acupuncture channels. Moxibustion can target these cold and ‘blocked’ areas by warming up the channels with direct application of heat. As a result, this helps promote the movement of blood and qi which is extremely important for pain relief. Moxibustion is especially helpful for those experiencing menstrual cramps. It is also helpful in stimulating specific acupuncture points with its heat substance. By applying moxa on an acupuncture point on the little toe, it can even help to flip a breech baby.

If you find acupuncture to be an effective form of treatment and want to kick it up a notch with moxa, moxibustion can be a great alternative to try. Moxibustion not only provides you with the results, but the process is very comforting and relaxing, and leaves your body feeling warm and energized.

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