This type of insomnia is very common lately. Under high stress, our body is too sensitive to the stimulation. Sympathetic nerve system, which serves to accelerate the heart rate, constrict blood vessels, and raise blood pressure, is hyperactive and we cannot fall asleep. If a bear is chasing you, could you fall asleep?


Specific symptoms are featured in this type. First of all, constipation is severe. Condition of patients depend on the bowel movement. Secondly, they have indigestion problem. Heartburn, belching, fullness are very common for them. lastly, they usually feel hot in daily life. Hot flash, night sweating, cold water intaking is frequently seen. However, patients complained cold feet sometimes. Blood flow is relatively driven to upper body, so patients could feel cold feet.

Acupuncture treatment

The heart meridian should be treated. Heart 7, Spleen 6, GB 31 is commonly used. Patients usually need 1-3 month treatment. In the beginning, patient should get acupuncture twice a week. 2-3 weeks later, they need to come once a week.

Herbal treatment

To promote bowel movement, herbal treatment is essential. Da Huang(Rhubarb; Rheum Palmatum) is used for constipation. Huang Lian(Rhizoma Coptidis) is the best herb for this type of patients.1-3 month treatment is recommended.