Common mistake for ankle sprain treatment

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Common mistake for ankle sprain treatment

When I was in school for Eastern Medicine, I also had to study a lot about Western Medicine. At that time, My teacher, who is western doctor, told us for the first 36-48 hours post-injury we put ice pack on the ankle. However she also told us we had to change from ice pack to hot pack after 48 hours. Otherwise, ice pack prevent blood circulation and delay healing. I want to make sure this treatment process is from western medicine not eastern medicine.


Unfortunately most patients don’t know this basic treatment process. Some patients even put ice pack for one month or more. I don’t know where they get the information and why their family doctor doesn’t mention to switch packs.


Last spring, a beautiful young girl came to my clinic with her parents. When she played soccer, she got injury. At the beginning, her family doctor told them that was not severe, it was going to be cured as time went on. However, pain was kept going. the parents took her to physiotherapy and special doctor but nothing changed. Just diagnosis is different. Finally one specialist told them surgery s might be the solution. The father is a soccer coach, so he knew that’s not a good option. In the end, they were looking for alternative therapy and found my website.


When I touch her feet, those are really cold. Her parents also put ice pack for a long time. I put acupuncture the bladder meridian which started from the feet and heel with infrared heat and asked her to get a warm foot bath everyday. she also had to wear socks every time.


After one week treatment, 50% of her pain was gone and 0ne and half month later her pain was completely gone. Acupuncture works very well about pain but warming is also important treatment method. If she came to my clinic at the beginnings, she did not have to suffer for a long time. I wish I saw her when she got injury.

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