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3 Herbs That Improve Focus & Concentration

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Have you ever had a difficult time focusing on tasks? Whether your lack of focus affects your schooling, career, or personal life, it’s a frustrating problem that can be incredibly discouraging. Instead of using external tools, stimulants, and willpower to improve your focus, you should solve this problem from within. By making changes that set you up for success with Eastern medicine, not only will you improve your ability to focus and concentrate, but you will also be improving your overall health by restoring your inner balance.


Keep reading to learn more on 3 herbs that improve focus and concentration.


From the perspective of Eastern medicine, your mental state and ability correlates with the health of your body. When it comes to your specific ability to focus, the health of your kidneys and spleen are primary influencers. In Eastern medicine, one of the main roles of your kidneys is to create and store your internal energy known as Qi, and it is also related to your willpower and memory. When there is an excess of Yang or warm energy in your kidneys, your ability to concentrate is jeopardized. Similarly, the health of your spleen is crucial in your ability to concentrate as it is responsible for blood production, and is linked with memory. In Eastern medicine, proper blood production and flow are related to mental focus as a weak heart due to blood deficiencies can cause fatigue and brain fog. 


Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms are known for their ability to support heart health, and proper Qi circulation. Historically, they have been used in Eastern medicine by monks for centuries in order to meditate in a calm and centered state. Reishi mushrooms are most commonly consumed as herbal tea.



Ginseng root is a herb that is high in warming or Yang energy, and is used to improve alertness. Furthermore, studies on ginseng have shown that it can improve the cognitive ability of stroke and Alzherimerès patients. Just like Reishi mushrooms, ginseng can be brewed into a herbal tea.


Ginkgo Leaves

Ginko Leaves are a herb harvested from the world’s oldest species of tree. In Eastern medicine, they are known to heighten concentration, clear dampness, and improve the function of both your heart and your lungs. In recent times, Ginkgo leaves have been shown to assist patients with dementia. This herb is most commonly found in tablet form.


These 3 herbs are just a few of the many found in Eastern medicine that can help you with your focus and concentration. One of the many benefits of Eastern medicine is that our herbal treatments are customized to fit your specific needs, as everyone has different requirements necessary to achieve homeostasis. If you’re interested in getting a herbal medicine treatment plan to improve your focus and concentration, contact us today!

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Preventing the Common Cold with Eastern Medicine

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As the season’s change and temperatures get colder, one thing that returns to mind is the common cold. While some people are able to soldier through the symptoms of the common cold, for many, symptoms of the common cold can significantly impact their ability to enjoy their routine days.


That is why in this blog post, we will be sharing how you can prevent the common cold using diet changes and acupuncture.


Some symptoms of the common cold include:


  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Coughs
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion
  • Mild body aches/headaches
  • Low fever
  • Generally feeling unwell


However, you can prevent all of these symptoms by altering your diet to strengthen your immune system and Qi. You can do this by eating the right foods for the season, which is one of the foundational principles of Eastern medicine. This is because your body has different needs as the season’s change. Furthermore, from the perspective of both Eastern and Western medicine, many of the symptoms of the common cold are due to an infection in the respiratory system. However, in Eastern medicine, this infection is caused by climate factors relating to the seasons changing such as wind, heat, dampness, dryness, and cold, which all invite external pathogens. When you are sick with a cold, there is an internal battle between your inner Qi, and the pathogens that have entered your body. 


To prevent these pathogens from making your symptoms worse, you can strengthen your Qi by incorporating more warming foods into your diet. For example, foods such as salads, cold drinks, and raw fruits and vegetables, may make you more susceptible to getting a cold as they can create a damp environment within your body which is perfect for pathogens. Meanwhile, foods such as sweet potatoes, garlic, cinnamon, and other dishes generally considered “hearty” can warm your body from within and strengthen your Qi to prevent the common cold. 


Another method you can use to strengthen your Qi is acupuncture. In Eastern medicine, a proper flow of Qi is crucial in maintaining your health, and when you become sick your flow of Qi is compromised. Depending on your specific case, acupuncture needles can be placed onto pressure points along your body to strengthen your Qi, and prevent colds. In addition to strengthening your Qi, acupuncture needles can also be inserted into pressure points to provide immediate relief for headaches and congested sinuses.


The Covid-19 pandemic has made getting sick and preventing sickness more of a top priority than ever before. Not only can Eastern medicine strengthen your Qi to prevent the common cold, but it can also be used to prevent a number of common illnesses and conditions. If you want to be proactive in maintaining your health with Eastern medicine, contact us today!

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3 Herbs That Promote Overall Health

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One of the many benefits of herbal treatments from Eastern medicine is that they can be used to treat your conditions and symptoms with little-to-no side effects. However, another aspect of herbal medicine that differs from typical prescription medication from Western medicine, is that some of the herbs you use to treat your specific conditions can be used to promote your overall health.


In this blog post we will cover 3 herbs that can be used as a supplement to promote your overall health.


Goji Berries

Goji berries originate in China, and they contain a number of health benefits. They are an excellent source of antioxidant properties that can reduce inflammation. In addition, goji berries contain several properties related to anti-aging and immunity-boosting. They can be eaten raw or dried, and they can also be brewed into a herbal tea.


Astragalus – Huang Qi

Astragalus, or Huang Wi, is one of the most powerful herbs when it comes to promoting your overall health. Similar to goji berries, the antioxidant properties found in astragalus combat inflammation, which if left unchecked, can lead to several health conditions. Moreover, astragalus has also been found proven to moderate immune function. This herb can be made into a herbal tea, and it can also be used as an ingredient in soups. 


For a more in-depth look at astragalus, you can read our blog post dedicated to this powerful herb, The Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Astragalus.



Ginseng is another extremely popular herbal medicine as it is classified as an adaptogen. Adaptogens are a specific category of herbs that help your body react to, and recover from, short and long-term physical and mental stress. In addition, ginseng can help prevent the anti-aging process and inflammation. Ginseng can be processed to be made into juice or tea, and it can also be found in capsule or tablet form.


The herbs used in herbal medicine formulas are incredibly beneficial, and should not be reserved solely to treat specific symptoms and conditions. When incorporated as a supplement to your regular routine, herbs can improve your overall health. If you’re interested in learning how to supplement your health with herbal medicine, contact us today!


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4 Herbs to Replace Your Morning Coffee

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Has coffee lost its magic?


If you start your day like most of us, that means a cup of coffee is one of the first things you reach for during your morning routine. After many mornings and countless cups of coffee, you have probably had to increase your caffeine intake just to overcome your tolerance. 


In the short term, coffee has a number of benefits that can help you get through your morning, or a late-night project. However, coffee also has drawbacks including the tolerance you build to caffeine, and its unbalanced stimulating effects.


That’s why in this blog post we are going to share 4 herbs that you can use to replace your morning coffee.


Yerba Mate

Similar to coffee, Yerba Mate tea contains caffeine which can act as a stimulant to improve your ability to focus and increase your energy levels. But, unlike coffee, Yerba Mate is a stimulant that won’t overpower you. This is because its effects are more gentle and mild when compared to coffee. 


Schisandra Fruit – Wu Wei Zi

Schisandra Fruit is a herbal medicine that has been prescribed by Eastern medicine practitioners since the very beginning, and it is part of Eastern medicine’s 50 fundamental herbs. Schisandra Fruit can be ingested in powdered, pill, or liquid form and its energizing benefits make it a great replacement for your morning coffee. It also supports a strong immune system.


Cordycep Mushrooms – Dong Chong Xia Cao

Cordycep Mushrooms have been used for many years to help people recover from illness, but they can also be used to boost your energy levels. It does so by increasing your body’s production of ATP, a compound found in your body that acts as a source of energy for your cells. In addition, Cordycep Mushrooms also improve how efficiently your body can utilize oxygen, therefore preserving your energy for later use. 


Siberian Ginseng – Ci Wu Jia

Siberian Ginseng is a herb well known for its ability to support your overall health. Some of the many benefits of Siberian Ginseng include its ability to fight tiredness, improve brain function, and increase energy levels. It also helps to maintain the proper function of the lungs and spleen, organs which are responsible for extracting energy from the food you eat in Eastern medicine.


Regular coffee consumption can make coffee go from being an energy booster to get your morning started, to something you need just to feel baseline and avoid a headache. And, if you’re not a regular coffee drinker, you’ve probably been overstimulated and riddled with jitters and anxiety after a cup of coffee.


These herbs are a great alternative to coffee that you can use to give you the energy you need to get your day started, but, if you have been having consistent issues with your energy and mood you can contact us to learn more about our customized treatment plans that include herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, and more. 

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Restoring Qi: How to Boost Your Energy

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From the perspective of Eastern medicine, your internal energy known as Qi, can influence your physical and mental well-being. It constantly flows through you, and when your Qi is compromised you can develop a number of conditions.


In this blog post, we will be covering just one of the many conditions that may be caused by a Qi deficiency, chronic fatigue. Keep reading to learn more on the symptoms and causes of a Qi deficiency, and how to restore it and boost your energy with Eastern medicine.


Just as your Qi can affect your physical and mental well-being, fatigue can be experienced both physically and mentally.


Symptoms of fatigue include:


  • Lack of physical energy
  • Shortness of breath
  • Lack of desire to speak or socialize
  • Lack of motivation to accomplish tasks
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Falling asleep


Your Qi deficiency and fatigue can be caused by a number of factors including your age, as well as lifestyle factors such as sleep and your diet. As you age your Qi naturally declines regardless of your habits and lifestyle. Because a gradual decline of Qi is a completely normal part of the aging process, lower energy levels are to be expected as you age. However, making changes to your regular habits and lifestyle can help you keep the energy from your youth in your later years. 


In Eastern medicine, your body and mind performs its best when it is in balance. If you have low energy levels, it may be because you’re working too hard. One of the first things you can do to combat your fatigue and bring your body back to balance is rest. That doesn’t just mean taking a nap, relaxing activities that emphasize breathing like yoga and Qigong can significantly boost your energy levels. If you are already getting a healthy amount of sleep, and take time to unwind with other relaxing activities, making changes to your diet may improve your symptoms of fatigue. In Eastern medicine, the foods you eat can impact your Qi, and oftentimes fatigue is the result of weak spleen Qi. Therefore, eating foods that support your spleen Qi can restore your energy levels.


Some foods that are beneficial for your spleen Qi include:


  • Root vegetables like sweet potatoes
  • Lentils
  • Quinoa
  • Pumpkin/Squash
  • Miso soup


Some foods that are detrimental to your spleen Qi Include: 


  • Refined sugars/grains
  • Fried foods
  • Salty foods
  • Dairy


Cutting out these foods, and incorporating ones that benefit your spleen Qi is the next step you should take if you do not experience much of a change in your energy levels after improving your sleeping patterns and incorporating more leisure time into your daily routine. 


Afterward, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other treatments from Eastern medicine may be necessary to restore your Qi and boost your energy. 


If you regularly experience physical and mental exhaustion, a customized treatment plan from one of our Eastern medicine practitioners can get you back to feeling your best. Contact us today to learn more!


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Fertility Boosting Foods

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From the perspective of Eastern medicine, when every factor of health is in a balanced state, one has the highest chance to get pregnant. One of the most important factors of health is eating a balanced diet of whole foods.


In this blog post, we will cover what foods to incorporate into your diet, and how they can improve your chances of conceiving.



As a result of misinformation from diet culture, you may be hesitant to incorporate more high-fat foods into your diet, however, fats are an essential part of a healthy balanced diet. In fact, your endocrine or hormonal system depends on fats to produce hormones. Some healthy sources of fat include nuts, avocado, fish, and olive oil. All of these should be incorporated into your diet to support your hormonal system and improve your chances of conceiving.


Moreover, even fats from “unhealthy” sources, known as saturated fats, have been shown to boost fertility. Saturated fats can be found in products from animals. Some sources of saturated fat include meat and dairy products. Although these fats can be detrimental to your health when consumed in excess, you should consume moderate amounts to increase your odds of getting pregnant.



Although they are more affordable, last longer, and cook quicker, refined grains have been stripped of nutrients, some of which are fertility boosting. Some whole grains you can incorporate into your diet include quinoa, millet, barley, and brown rice. When these grains are refined and processed, they lose antioxidants, b vitamins, and iron, nutrients crucial for balanced health and fertility. To increase the likelihood of getting pregnant, you should swap out your typical grain and carbohydrate sources with whole ones. 



Protein is often associated with bodybuilders and building muscle, however, it is also an important factor of fertility. This is because proteins are composed of amino acids, which are part of the production of both eggs and sperm. Amino acids also make up FSH and LH hormones, hormones that are related to fertility.


Meat, seafood, dairy products, and eggs are sources of protein from animals. Whereas lentils, nuts, seeds, and beans are vegetarian sources of protein. For a balanced diet, you should consume an adequate amount of protein from both animal and plant-based sources. 



You may not enjoy them, but vegetables are fertility-boosting foods that need to be a part of your diet. Vegetables contain a variety of nutrients that can increase your likelihood of conceiving.


Leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale, and arugula are great sources of folic acid, a nutrient that is crucial for healthy eggs and sperm, and preventing birth defects.


Red vegetables such as tomatoes and bell peppers are high in lycopene which has been shown to increase sperm counts.


Yellow and orange vegetables such as carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes contain high amounts of beta carotene and antioxidants, which help maintain hormone balance, and prevent miscarriage.


From the perspective of Eastern medicine, if you are trying to get pregnant, your best chances are when your body is in a balanced state. This is why you must eat a balanced diet of fats, grains, proteins, and vegetables from a variety of whole sources. If you’re looking to boost your odds of getting pregnant, contact us today to get a customized treatment plan!

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Eastern Medicine for Sports Performance

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There are many ways to improve your sports performance, however, one method that is often overlooked and misunderstood is utilizing Eastern medicine. Unlike other methods of athletic development which tend to focus on muscular hypertrophy, as well as strength and speed, to utilize Eastern medicine to improve your sports performance you must understand the role of your organs.


From the perspective of Eastern medicine, your organs are interconnected with each other and every other part of your body. This is why we must ensure that they are functioning optimally so that you are able to perform when you play sports.


In this blog post, we will cover how your body is interconnected with the health of your liver, kidneys, stomach, and spleen, and how that relates to sports performance.


Your Liver & Your Joints

In Eastern medicine, your liver is responsible for the overall flow of Qi, or internal energy, that you constantly have running through you. In addition to that, the liver is also related to the health of your ligaments, tendons, and joints. When your internal energy cannot flow freely due to energy blockages, it is known as Qi stagnation. This can manifest as health problems, but also stiffness in your joints.  


Furthermore, mental and emotional stress can interfere with your liver and your flow of Qi, therefore managing your mental health can help you maintain the health and performance of your joints.


Your Kidneys & Your Bones

While your liver is linked with your joints, your kidneys are related to the health of your bones, bone marrow, and blood production. In Eastern medicine, for one body part to function optimally everything else needs to as well. Furthermore, proper blood circulation is a key component of your overall health from this perspective. Since strong bones and proper blood circulation are directly related to how you perform and recover, you must prioritize the health of your kidneys.


To maintain the health of your kidneys, you can eat a balanced diet of whole foods that mitigate the risk of kidney disease and high blood pressure.


Your Stomach & Your Muscles

In Eastern medicine, your muscles rely on the functions of your stomach and spleen. From this perspective, your stomach and spleen are responsible for nourishing your muscles with nutrients from digested food as blood, as well as Qi. When your spleen is overworking, it could also cause your muscles to feel weak, and your movements to feel sluggish.


To ensure your spleen isn’t overworking, avoid an excess of sugary foods and cold drinks. You can also avoid processed and refined foods to maintain the health of your stomach.


Maintaining the health of your joints, bones, and muscles is an essential part of performing well and mitigating the risk of injury, and in Eastern medicine this can’t be done unless you maintain the health of your liver, kidneys, stomach, and spleen.


If you’re an athlete dedicated to sports performance, you’ve already addressed your strength and conditioning, but have you considered how Eastern medicine can give you an edge that other athletes aren’t taking advantage of? Contact us today to learn more!

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Managing Stress with Eastern Medicine

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Stress is more than just pressure from work, school, and relationships, or when you’re uncomfortable in unfamiliar or dangerous environments. Stress is a physiological response to these things, and when your body is constantly responding to stress over extended periods of time, your health can be affected.


In our last blog post we covered 5 Self-Acupressure Points For Stress Relief. In this blog post, we will cover how to manage stress through acupuncture and incorporating certain habits, activities, and perspectives.


When you are put into a stressful situation, your body goes into a state of fight or flight. In more primitive times, stress triggering a fight or flight response to survive was beneficial, and today, a healthy amount of stress can be beneficial to conquer big projects or perform a speech. In these situations pressure and being on high alert is great, but being in a constant state of fight or flight is not. In this state, your body releases a variety of stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisol, which can increase your heart rate, raise your blood pressure, shorten your breaths, tighten your muscles, and make your senses sharper. 


Acupuncture can take you out of this state by triggering a chemical response within the body related to relaxation and recovery, and through promoting the proper circulation of Qi. The fight or flight response is your sympathetic nervous system preparing your body for stressful events, meanwhile, the parasympathetic nervous system prepares your body for rest and relaxation. When performed correctly acupuncture can trigger the body to release feel-good hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine which can make you feel more at ease and happy as they counteract the effects of adrenaline and cortisol. Moreover, stress can disrupt the circulation of Qi within your body. Acupuncture can be used to remove Qi blockages, and promote the free flow of Qi which can have similar effects to triggering feel-good hormones. A sense of relaxation, peace, and happiness. 


But before incorporating acupuncture you can incorporate new habits, activities, and perspectives to manage your stress. In Eastern medicine, your body, mind, and emotions are linked. Therefore, you can manage these things to offset the health consequences of being in a state of high stress. From this perspective, pessimistic attitudes and negativity can add to your stress, so replace your dark outlook with a sense of gratitude and positivity to reduce it. Take the time to work on and enjoy physical activity, hobbies, and nature. Focusing on these aspects of your life in times of stress can take you out of fight or flight mode and promote balance. Similarly, engaging in social activity and enjoying your time with others is a simple way to manage your stress. Unlike Western medicine, Eastern medicine views stress and your health from a more holistic approach. Rather than jumping into treatments and medication right away, start small and incorporate stress-preventing and relieving mindsets and activities.


If stress has been an issue in your life, it’s best that we tackle the problem before it leads to harsh health consequences. If you want to manage your stress, or use low-risk treatment methods from Eastern medicine to treat your symptoms of chronic stress, contact us today!


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5 Self-Acupressure Points For Stress Relief

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Acupressure utilizes the same concept of acupuncture but in a less invasive way. Similar to acupuncture, acupressure is used to stimulate the flow of Qi by applying pressure to specific points throughout the body to removing blockages. Most importantly, unlike traditional acupuncture, you can use acupressure massage techniques on yourself safely in the comfort of your own home.


In addition to relieving stress, acupressure massage can be used to treat the following symptoms and conditions:


  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Tension & Pain
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia 


In this blog post we will cover 5 Self-Acupressure points you can massage to relieve stress.


Union Valley Point

This pressure point is located in the webbing between your index finger and your thumb. If you apply pressure to this area and notice a specific point of sensitivity, that is likely your Union Valley Point. 


With the opposite hand’s index finger and thumb, you can massage the pressure point for four to five seconds at a time.


Great Surge Point

This pressure point is located on your feet, approximately two to four centimeters behind the intersection between your big and second toe just above the bone. 


You can find your Great Surge Point by moving your finger straight down from where your big and second toe connect. You can massage this point for four to five seconds at a time.


Hall of Impression Point

This pressure point is located right in between your eyebrows. It is also known as a “Third Eye” pressure point. 


For this pressure point, apply firm pressure in a circular motion for five to ten minutes.


Inner Frontier Gate Point

This pressure point is located on the inside of your forearm, approximately two to four centimeters from your wrist in the hollow area between your tendons.


When massaging this point, apply pressure for four to five seconds at a time.


Shoulder Wells

This pressure point is located on your trap muscles which are in between your neck and shoulders. You can find this point by pinching your muscle along this area until you find a sensitive spot. 


You can massage this point by pinching the area for four to five seconds and releasing it.


From the perspective of Eastern medicine, you can relieve your stress by removing blockages so that your internal Qi can flow freely throughout your body. If you feel as though the stress in your life has gotten to the point where it is detrimental to your health and ability to accomplish your goals, acupressure massage is a great way to relieve and manage your stress independently. 


Acupressure massage can also be used supplementary to traditional acupuncture and herbal medicine. If you’ve been experiencing an extreme amount of stress, contact us today and we can create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.


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3 Ways to Promote Kidney Health

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From the perspective of Eastern medicine, your kidneys are responsible for balancing your Yin and Yang energy, and Jing which is another form of energy linked with reproductive health and aging.


In this blog post, we will cover the role of your kidneys in Eastern medicine, and 3 ways you can promote kidney health. 


While other organs contain their own respective Yin and Yang energy, the source or generator of that energy are your kidneys. Your kidneys produce kidney Qi, which in turn becomes the Yin and Yang energy that flows throughout your entire body. Because your kidneys are the main source of Yin and Yang energy, maintaining their health is crucial to balance your overall Yin and Yang energy.


In Eastern medicine, your body is constantly circulating this energy. Yin represents a cooling energy that is responsible for keeping organs and tissues moist. On the other hand, Yang represents your body’s heating energy, and it is responsible for generating heat and clearing excess moisture. These two forces need to be balanced to maintain overall health as an excess or absence of either can result in symptoms and conditions being developed. Because your kidneys are essential in the production of Yin and Yang energy, you must maintain their health to avoid developing other complications. 


Furthermore, Jing is the energy responsible for the growth and development of the reproductive system. From birth to puberty this energy is at its highest, and it is what causes you to develop strong bones, teeth, brain function, and later on your reproductive organs. But, throughout adulthood this energy begins to dwindle. When this occurs signs of aging such as hair loss and joint issues arise. If these issues seem to occur prematurely, it can be a sign of issues with kidney health. Similarly, if issues regarding your reproductive system’s health arise, it may be linked to imbalances in the kidney system as well.


Now that we know how powerful and important your kidneys are from the perspective of Eastern medicine, here are 3 ways to promote kidney health.


Get a Balanced Diet

Eat whole foods that mitigate the risk of kidney disease and support your kidney health. High blood pressure is a risk factor for kidney disease, therefore eating foods that lower your blood pressure is a great way to support your kidney health. For example, eating fish can support your kidney health as their omega-3 fats can reduce your blood pressure levels. In Eastern medicine, grapes, leeks, and strawberries are other examples of foods that support kidney health. 


Stay Hydrated

In western medicine, your kidneys also function as filters of waste and toxins. The waste and toxins filtered by your kidneys is then excreted as urine. If you don’t drink enough water, you can develop complications such as kidney stones, so it is important that you stay hydrated.


Keep Your Kidneys Warm

Your kidneys are located in your lower back, and In Eastern medicine they are sensitive to cold temperatures. If you live somewhere with a cold climate, remember to keep yourself warm and bundled up.


One of the primary principles of Eastern medicine is balance, and your kidneys are extremely important in maintaining it. If you’ve experienced symptoms related to aging or your reproductive health, that may indicate that your kidneys are not functioning properly causing imbalances in your Yin and Yang, or your Jing energy to deplete. 


Contact us today to book an appointment, and we can investigate your symptoms to provide you with a customized treatment plan.

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