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A testimonial for vomiting

I was vomiting for 1 week none stop. I went to 2 private doctors and 3 times to emergency but in vain . I tried all kind of med until I went online and read about Greenleaf acupuncture and herb clinic. I said why not giving it a try . After the first session, I stopped vomiting for the first time . I gained my weight back after 1 week with the help of herbs and acupuncture.The clinic is very clean and Dr. Na knows what he is talking about. Highly recommend this place.


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A testimonial for pelvic pain

I would recommend Dr. Byoung-Jin Na to anyone. He is kind, patient, knowledgable and I feel safe and taken care of whenever I go to his clinic. I have moderate endometriosis and PCOS. I used to have pelvic pain 3 weeks out of every month and when my period started my cramps were so bad I would miss a day or 2 of work. I had tried quite a few things to treat my pain: diet, exercise, meditation, supplements, herbs, prescription drugs and laparoscopic surgery. Nothing helped very much until I came to the Green Leaf clinic. After my first treatment my chronic pain stayed away for a full day. After 5 treatments my pelvic pain was almost completely gone. Not only that but my cycles are becoming way more regular. Before the acupuncture treatments my cycle would vary randomly from 33 to 91 days in length. Now they are between 32 and 40 days. I also no longer have cramps when my period comes and haven’t taken pain medication in months!



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