Boost Your Immune System

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Boost Your Immune System

    Boost Your Immune System It’s not a lie when we say the key to good health is having a strong immune system. Your body is constantly fighting with bacterias, viruses, and other toxins that we inhale or eat every day. The goal of traditional Eastern Medicine is to create a balance in the […]

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Why are your posture, habit, and lifestyle so important when it comes to pain?

    To answer the question, understanding why we have pain is important. Pain is a protective reaction and warning to let us know that something needs correction. Poor posture and overstraining tired and weakens your muscles.         For instance, looking down at your phone for a long time or repeating a […]

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Back pain? Your “psoas” is stressed!

LBP (lower back pain) accounts for a large number of population in North America. Acute pain becomes a chronic pain, and it often leads up to an irritable, grumpy and depressed character, and I kindly use that as an excuse to keep calm and be nice when I associate with such characters. Why not change […]

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